1.) What are your rings made of?

Most of our rings are zinc coated alloy rings. SOME are made of more exotic metals, refer to the product page if it states it is different than the material here. If you have allergies to certain metals, please contact us. These rings are not made of gold or silver, they’d be significantly more expensive if they were. They are not hypo allergenic as there is no such thing, since for every metal there is, someone has an allergy to it.

2.) When will I get my order?

Please kindly refer to our shipping information here: http://galacticrings.com/shipping-information/, and feel free to contact us here if you have any further questions: http://galacticrings.com/contact-information/

3.) Do you ship to Alaska or Hawaii?

Yes! This is covered in our shipping info here: http://galacticrings.com/shipping-information/

4.) What if I order the wrong size and it doesn’t fit my finger? Can I exchange my rings?

Yes! We can offer you an exchange if you mail the rings back to us in a padded bubble mailer with the tags still on them, within 5 days of receiving them. To complete this process, you will need to contact support here: http://galacticrings.com/contact-information/

5.) Can you ship to different countries other than the US and UK?

At this time we cannot =[ We have plans to open shipping to Australia but that’s about it.

6.) Do you accept custom orders? (Such as size, material, color)

At this time we are just trying to keep up with existing demand! Unfortunately we cannot take custom orders at this time.

7.) Do you have more men’s rings?

We offer a wide selection of band rings but in this day and age, the line between “men’s” and “women’s” rings is becoming very blurred. In fact, most jewelers will tell you that the new normal is that there is no normal. So really, if you like it, wear it, don’t let anyone tell you what you should wear.

8.) How long will my exchange take?

It can sometimes take as long, or longer than the wait for your initial order because we have to first receive your return package, inspect it, then add the exchanged piece into our order queue. Due to high demand, many rings are already on back order or require a week to make. Rest assured that we will fill your exchange as fast as possible.